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S y n o p s i s
'MARS' is a drama / sci-fi short film based in a not too distant future. Ethan (Jack Doherty) and Violet (Abbey-Rose Leed) are standing on opposite SolaRail platforms. They are set to travel in different directions yet a common interest undeniably entwines their destinies. Without speaking a word they must find a means of connection before their trains arrive to whisk them away.
B a c k   S t o r y
Raymond J Evans is my name, 'SPACE RABIT' is my brand and 'MARS' is my first short film which I wrote and directed. It all started at a train station when I saw a girl on the platform opposite me. She smiled at me, I looked away sheepishly. I looked back, we smiled at each other. Then my train arrived, I boarded, and never saw her again. This short film is my imagined alternative of how that heart fluttering encounter could have played out.
J o i n   O u r   ' M A R S '   M a i l i n g   L i s t ! 
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