R a y m o n d   J   E v a n s
[    f i l m m a k e r   &   c o n t e n t   c r e a t o r    ]
W h a t   i s   S P A C E   R A B I T ?
SPACE RABIT is the title under which I make sci-fi style content and films. It's also a place to share with you any filmmaking and sci-fi related content from around the globe. If you want a steady stream sci-fi related content, you can find me on Facebook and Instagram.
I've also recently completed my first short film called 'MARS' which I wrote and directed. Our short film is being screened at select film festivals around the world and will be available to view online after we've finished the festival circuit. In the meantime you can see the trailer on my YouTube channel (please subscribe to the channel while you're there!).
A   B i t   A b o u t   M e
I grew up on a large property in outback NSW, Australia. Living in the wide-open spaces with zero light pollution presented me with a front-row seat to the stars. They fuelled my imagination along with every sci-fi film I could get my hands on (aka the nearest VHS rental store 39km away). 
In 2005 I moved to Brisbane to study Screen & Media followed by a Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment. I later moved to Melbourne to work in the film & tv industry. My bread and butter work is filming & photographing multi-billion dollar construction projects such as Metro Tunnel, West Gate Tunnel Project and Level Crossing Removals.
F i r s t   C o n t a c t
You've read this far?! Well, thank you for taking the time! Perhaps you have a science fiction story you'd like to realise on the big screen? Or maybe you need help making sci-fi style video content? I'm available to collaborate if you'd like me to shoot or direct it for you. Or maybe you just have some cool sci-fi content you'd like to share with me? Either way, please send me a message.
Talk soon!
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