R a y m o n d   J   E v a n s
[    f i l m m a k e r   &   c o n t e n t   c r e a t o r    ]
W h a t   i s   S P A C E   R A B I T ?
SPACE RABIT is the title under which I make sci-fi style content and films. It's also a place to share with you any filmmaking and sci-fi related content from around the globe. If you want a steady stream sci-fi related content, you can find me on Facebook and Instagram.
I've also recently completed my first short film called 'MARS' which I wrote and directed. It has completed it's film festival circuit and now free to watch in full on the DUST YouTube channel!
A   B i t   A b o u t   M e
I grew up on a large property in outback NSW, Australia. Living in the wide-open spaces with zero light pollution presented me with a front-row seat to the stars. They fuelled my imagination along with every sci-fi film I could get my hands on (aka the nearest VHS rental store 39km away). 
In 2005 I moved to Brisbane to study Screen & Media followed by a Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment. I later moved to Melbourne to work in the film & tv industry. My bread and butter work is filming & photographing multi-billion dollar construction projects such as Metro Tunnel, West Gate Tunnel Project and Level Crossing Removals.
F i r s t   C o n t a c t
You've read this far?! Well, thank you for taking the time! Perhaps you have a science fiction story you'd like to realise on the big screen? Or maybe you need help making sci-fi style video content? I'm available to collaborate if you'd like me to shoot or direct it for you. Or maybe you just have some cool sci-fi content you'd like to share with me? Either way, please send me a message.
Talk soon!
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